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Holst Shipping A/S was founded in 1972 by Jens Peter Holst and Bent Kiertzner with the main trade being coastal chartering based on Danish and Northern European tonnage and a few exclusive accounts trading from Portugal to the UK and the Continent.

Throughout  the nineteenseventies -eighties and nineties this trade, combined with various other competitive business activities, gave a very strong position within European chartering.

The chartering activity has since developed further into world wide trade and the sizes of shipments are now ranging from small coasters to panama size. The package of services rendered to our customers has evolved to more than just fixing ships. Holst Shipping A/S is now also offering services such as assistance on general logistic issues, insurance and other shipping-related matters, such as legal advice in case of disputes.

A daughter company, Holst Shipping Agency I/S was established in 1990 with the purpose of handling ship agencies in the port of Randers. The activities of Holst Shipping Agency I/S has in 2009 been merged with other local establishments into a new company, serving the ship agencies at the port of Randers:  Randers Agencies ApS. In 2017 the agency company was sold off and Holst Shipping thereafter focusing merely on Chartering business.

Since the introduction of internet and email-services at the end of last century the premises of working in the shipping business has changed radically.

The competition within the field of shipbroking has rapidly intensified. However the core values of Holst Shipping A/S have proven to be very strongly founded.  Accomplishing chartering with proper workmanship in a proper manner and observing the old valued ethics of the shipping industry, Holst Shipping A/S has strengthened the position as a significant broker-house in Denmark.

Since 2016 Holst Shipping A/S has been increasingly active in the handy size segment and has established a dedicated handy size department with two experienced brokers. This department is serving our clients with requirements upto abt. 60.000 mtons cargo size.

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